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Short Term vs Long Term Thinking

February 15, 20229 min read

Short Term Thinking vs Long Term Thinking

To succeed Long-term you need to think long-term today.

We want to take a look into the stages in your real estate business, and also take a look at the practical side. What it looks like to be long-term successful in your community regarding selling and building your relationship. So when you want to be successful, you need to build the momentum from where you was before thinking about long-term success for your real estate business.

And now let's go I am so excited today because we are taking a look at the stages of a real estate business. And if you are thinking about long-term or short-term, so we are taking you a little bit behind the scene.

Look, where are you now. When you understand where you are and what you are now, you can build on the momentum that you had before and building your success. But you need the right mindset, but not only the mindset. We are always so inundated with having the right mindset, but more importantly, I believe you need to commitment.


You need to commitment to eat away, to be short-term successful or committed to be long-term successful. We take a look in both directions, what it means to be a short time thinker or a long term thinker. And you also have the different commitment in each of those two thinking stages. Let's take a look into the short-term thing, what they do, and maybe you identify, and now you need to make changes so that you are looking into long term success.

Short Term vs Long Term Thinking Community Building

When we are talking about relationship building the short-term thinker, where they go into the business of now or never, they go and run off the elite. If the lead doesn't convert, they don't care. They will run off to the next sleep. They have a mindset of now or never, take that lead and try to close it. They don't have follow up systems in place. They don't have strategies into place so that they can stay in contact with their clients or with young, new costumer opportunity. They are always looking for a home run. They always want a lead that closes to Mauro. Not that needs no truck and more important. That is not as expensive.

They create eight pressure for themselves, but also they create pressure for their consumer walk lions because they have themselves so much stress on them because they are running one closing off the, the another. And they don't understand that real estate is a long-term business is a long-term commitment. And they stay under a lot of stress because they are hunting after their next closing.

Also, when we are talking about<inaudible>, they don't make long term commitments and don't make long term decisions. So they are not looking what is best for the client. They are looking what is best for me right now, when we are going into a long term commitment, a long-term thing on knows that they have to try different things. They have a mindset of novel losing like Nelson Mandela.

I win, or I learn! Even if they spend money or even if they are having not their strategies set up for lead generation and they are not getting clients. They are not talking about losing. They are talking about what they learn from the mistakes they are made. They also have long-term follow-up systems and strategies in place because they understand that real estate is a long term relationship building.

They know if a new client opportunity comes into day, that it can take 3, 4, 5, 6 months or even more. We have seen some statistics. I believe it was the NAR. I'm not sure about, but by our end, even Zella now starting the process early on, they are, they are getting educated about the process at least 12 months out. So if you understand that you are set up for long-term success,

you have your long term follow up into place. You have a built in mind set. So what you can do today and how you can serve your consumers today through the process that takes longer so that you can convert them into a closing. Also, we are putting no pressure on to our leads and you know how it is. If somebody is pressuring you and telling you all the things,

what you get, if you buy today, but you as a long-term thing, you put no pressure. You give them your honest opinion and you are having your client's best interest. In mind. Let's go into selling properties as a short-term singer. When you are short-term single, you will squeeze everything out of the lead that comes in. You are not making any concessions because you are afraid that you are getting less,

less money into your pockets because you need that money now, because you need to run. After the next closing tomorrow, you are also maximize for short-term success. Meaning when a lead comes in, you maybe call them three, four times, send them an email and send them a text message. And if that client doesn't respond, what do you do?

You tell others that the leads are bad. They are not such as sped leads. They are, are only better follow up because<inaudible> has no follow up systems in place. They are not able to follow up. And also they forget about the lead. If the lead is not responding. And now we also know that as a long term, we need to at least have eight to 12 touches before a new client opportunity may respond to our activities.

So you have your audiences and you are not taking care of your audiences. You dispute them, and you are getting often a new audience. If your clients don't convert or your consumer don't convert today or tomorrow, and then you tell yourself, Hey, it wasn't the right time. It wasn't the right lead. And they are dead to you. And that is a short-term thinker.

If you are preparing for long-term success, you are not putting any pressure onto your clients. You are assisting them through out the process. When they are coming into your pipeline, you are giving them relevant information. You are not zealously. And you try to provide us much as possible information so that your buyer or seller has the right information. When they may want to make a decision.

You also have your follow up systems into play, where you are not only having email systems in place, but also doing videos, video, follow up text messages, and you know exactly when to call and what to call the lead. When you are reaching out to them. And now let's go into community building. When you are thinking about community building in the short-term thinking,

you only think how you can get people into your pipeline. You're not thinking about the community. You are running from one community to the another, and you are yelling out in the world. Use me. I am a real tool. I can help you buy or sell, or do you know anybody who wants to buy or sell their home today? That is the short-term thinking where you are crying out and showing your community that you actually don't care and people can see through you because they don't know who you are.

You didn't follow up with them and they are not interested in what you have to say. Again, putting a lot of stress on you, because you don't know where your next closing comes from. And now you are chasing after the next fleet. How about community building for a term commitment or for a long-term thinker? You are going out there into your community.

You are providing relevant and valuable information to your community. And you are also building your reputation at the same time. People know who you are. They know they can count on you. They see your face. They see you online. They see you offline. They see you volunteering. They see you all over town because you show up. You not only show up,

you order show up. When you say you will show up, you serve your community and you are having the recognition of your community, that they count on you. So when you are taking a look of both, they should jump thinker or the long-term thing go, how do you want to build your business? When you want to move forward, you want to try new things.

You need to view their relations as a relationship. And also it is very important that you are be committed, committed to be successful, committed, to be patient committed, to be persistent, and also committed to be positive. You don't want to be an old crumpy real tour. Then you are rolling your eyes or be annoyed. If somebody reached out to you,

you want to be expiring. You want to have the knowledge, but also know that your people count on you, that you are staying committed to be patiently waiting for them to make the decision when it's right for them to buy or sell properties. You also are committed to be persistent with your follow up with the information you are providing and more important. You are also positive.

You are lighting up even when you are out and about. So people will connect with you and you will be set up for long-term success. Then you think about long term commitments. When you want to succeed, long-term you need to think long-term. And when you want to include marketing and build your communities and build your business for long-term success, go to real estate.

Marketing can be easy because they are, we are building our long term success for our communities so that they can succeed in the long run and staying up to date. What is going on in the real estate community, in the real estate business and understanding their community become visible and also be the one who provides valuable and relevant information. Thanks for staying here with me today and let me know where you are in the process.

And maybe you never thought about that. You are a short term thinker and now want to go into long-term success and long term thinking, because that is the way how you should build your real estate. Thanks for listening to our episode today.

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