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My Name Is Annett T. Block,

Dedicated to Elevating Your Small Business to the Top in Your Community...

by ATTRACTING instead of chasing clients and at the same time earn a predictable and consistent income to transform your small business and your life.

As an active business owner for over two-and-a-half decade and Favorite Marketing Mentor for over 2,000 students I will look both situations from a professional point of view where I can combine what each industry needs and at the same time understand what it is like being a small business owner, allowing me to build strategies that are right for you, all on your terms.


A Marketing System That YOU Control!

Building Personalized And Profitable Ad Strategies That Small Business Owner Continue To Manage

We will be implementing a personalized and profitable marketing strategy & launch in your business manager in 7 -10 days, then optimize in 30 to scale your ads for you so that you continue to manage and generate 1-2 new clients every week.

I Have Now Helped Over 2,000 Students and personal helped 200 small business owner with Video Marketing & Cost Effective Ads

Aleshia - EXP

"Miss Annett...you changed my live..."

Ryan - Remax

Gerry - EXP

"...Annett came to the rescue..."


"...Now we have control over our business..."

Edward - NextHome

"...she open Eyes to marketing..."

Matthew - Keller Williams

"Tons of insides and deep dives"

Michael -

"I have already 3 buyers"

Eric - Keller Williams

"I don't know anyone who is so immersed"

Sandy - EXP

"...She Puts Her All In..."

In This 10 Min Free Video - Training,You'll Learn:

How A $2/ day Ad Strategy creates a invisible list of 500-1000 leads a week and fills your pipeline with A-Deal-A-Day!

*Earnings and income representations made by Turn Key Media Marketing Inc., and thedigitaladopters.com and her advertisers/sponsors (collectively, "Turn Key Media Marketing Inc.") are aspirational statements only of your earnings potential. These results are not typical and results will vary. People that don't work hard to give up easily, get ZERO results. The results on this page are OUR results and from years of testing. I can in NO way guarantee you will get similar results

3 Ways To Work With Me...

I'm dedicated to elevate small business owners to the top in their community by building profitable ad strategies that they can continue to manage on auto-pilot.

Free Pathway Strategy Session

Ready to take control of your small business, this is your personal Pathway Strategy Session and:

- Step out with a step by step plan

- Become the undisputed choice

- Generate Quality Clients

- Perfecting Your Follow Up

Cost Effective Ads Program

Avoid Ads to fail, saving you thousand of dollars and hundreds of hours of frustration to fill your pipeline with a Deal a Day

- LIVE ad and strategy coaching

- Weekly LIVE Q & A

- Over 45+ Training and Guides

- On demand training

Automate You Dominate

Implementing a personalized and profitable ad strategy for your small business that you can continue to manage on autopilot

- Automate You Dominate marketing strategy

- launch in 7 days and optimize in 30

- Get 1-2 new clients every week

Build with 🧡 by Annett T. Block The Digital Adopters

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