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Importance of Real Estate Database

November 09, 202112 min read

The Importance of Building a Real Estate Database

In today's episode, we want to talk about The Importance of a Real Estate Database for the real estate professional building relationship, because we know in real estate, we are creating relationships so that people get to know, like, and trust us. And that requires us to build a database we need to nurture. We will talk about how you can start building your database, building, filling your pipeline with new client opportunities and nurture them so that you can stay in front of them and people start to know like, and trust you.

We know in real estate, real estate is a relationship building business, and that means we need every day new client opportunities coming in into our database so that we can nurture them through the process until somebody is ready and trust us enough with their transaction.

Todays Episode

Isn't so easy as it seems because many professionals make the mistake, getting everybody in their database and then nurturing with the hoping that they eventually will use them with their service. So before you build out a database, you want to be very clear who you are idle client is. So when you know who your ideal client is or who you want to serve, or who you like to serve best. That is a good start building your relationship, because now you are starting on serving the people who will most likely listen to you or are interested in what you are providing.

Who is your ideal client Avatar

So before you want to start building databases, you want to make sure that you know exactly who is your best client, about tour, who you want to serve.

It can be a community, it can be a physical location, but also it can be observed and type of buyers or sellers move up, buyers, downsize sellers. So that is all depending who you enjoy working with and who you can serve best. And at the same time, it is fun to you before you are running out and building your database.

Now this will give you more clarity because now you'll also can focus on the content who is directed to your database. When you have somebody coming into your pipeline, where you are starting nurturing.

The Importance of Relationship building with a Real Estate Database

So how you build relationships is where you start building a database where you are attracting the clients you want to serve. And many of, if not, all of us starting attracting clients online, you are having different possibilities available to you. Where are you all using the best tools best for you building starting relationships and your database of videos.


Videos is the number one people are watching. People are listening and it builds a better relationship bridge between you and your new client opportunity when they are coming in. But it's not only for database building. It is also for staying in contact with your database, because there are different strategies available to you so that you can stay in front of your new client opportunity, nurturing them through the process. So you want to make sure that you know how you can attract clients online, how to build your audiences, how you can influence them at the end, meaning that you at the same time, build your business, build your empire.

The Importance of a Real Estate Database Strategies

Especially now the online world, which is available to every one of us gives us so many opportunities are we are having different strategies so that we can stay in front of our database. So let's assume you have a database already available to you. So all you leveraging this database where you are now uploading this database in Facebook, where you now can stay in front of contact and people seeing you over and over and over again and starting to trust you.

Where are they? In addition to your emails now, seeing you on Facebook, seeing volume of content from you. And so you are starting to build the know like, and trust campaign, where you are having a strategies in place. Where are, where are you on not only hitting them in your email, but also staying in front of your database, using social media.

That is one strategy you should use making it easy for clients to see you in their email, but also seeing you when they are scrolling to Facebook when they are on YouTube. So there are different options available and strategies out damn. Now that you have a little insight in strategies that can be applied for your marketing. It is email marketing online marketing.

The Importance of Segmenting a Real Estate Database

You also want to make sure that you are segmenting your database because not all content is valuable to all your database all the time. So you'll probably have sellers, you have buyers. And now you also want to segment where they are in the process, the filter they are out. You can provide them more general content, but the closer they are in making it once, actually now you want to provide them different content, because if somebody's thinking about buying or selling right now, they want to have different information than somebody is maybe out, down the road, eight to 12 months.

We know now a database or by using videos, or starting early on, getting into information, collecting the information day are getting<inaudible> it UK catering them early on before they are willing to commit to, to somebody who can guide them through the process, if it is buying or selling. So you want to make sure also that your database is segmented in bias in silos, in investors, depending who you all have, but also you go a little bit deeper where the segmentation goes, where they are in the process. You could do it in days between zero and 90 days or zero to 60 days,

60 to 90 days, 90 to 1290 days to 12 months. So it's all depending how you want to work your database and provide them content, depending in the process where they are doing this different strategies also makes it easy for you to stay in front of your costumer. So they get to know you like you and trust you more through the information, valuable information you are providing.

The Importance of staying in Contact with a Real Estate Database

How should you stay in contact with your database?

The number one thing, and we know that video is no longer a requirement. It is a must. When you are staying in front of your audience, you want to implement video, some kind of video where you are providing valuable information. If you are still unsure doing videos, you need to get used to doing videos and start out with monthly market update.

We in our membership area, we are giving all our members the tools and video scripts. They can use to provide valuable information for their audience. But if you don't know where to start and how to do the videos very quickly, go into your MLS, get all the data out for that months. Right now, we are having the month of October and just verified information, sailors, actives on the market pending on the market days on the market and the average price. And now compare it to the sales of last year that you can tell a little story how the market is right now, how prices have risen and how quickly sellers are selling. And also how you could educate buyers.

How difficult is if they are not pre approved or pre-qualified in the process of buying or selling. So giving them the steps they need to take to get ready and be the best candidate when they are submitting their offers to a seller. So you can take that in different direction, but the easiest way is for you. If you are unsure how to stay in front, we would recommend at least to a monthly market update, wait, where people can see you in the video so that they start to Connect.

The Importance of a Real Estate Database Unsubscribe

They will see you in the video, stable know right away. If they like you, if they want to move forward, seeing your videos. And if it not, that is not the problem. If they are unsubscribing, meaning you can focus on your next client, making it easy for you.

They didn't want, they didn't like or want to see any more content. So now you're filtering out automatically the people you don't want to work with. So don't get all set about all crazy. If somebody unsubscribe, it is actually the best thing you can have because now you can focus on your database that want to listen and see your videos, the content you are providing.

The Importance of a Monthly Real Estate Database Market Update

A monthly market update is a must for everybody. And it should be a video where people see you and where they can start to connect with you. Now you can get that even filter. If you have a sophisticated database. Now, when you are sending emails to your database, we would recommend you or sending them over to your Facebook page.

And now when they are watching your videos, you can re target them. Because Facebook allows us to retarget everybody who has engaged with our database or with our videos. Now, those people you can put to a video sequence or other information so that you can stay in front of your people, not only in your email, but also now using Facebook as a strategy where you are now retargeting and they see more content of you because they engaged with your content in the first place.

Your Database is Gold

So your database is gold. You can do so much, you can use it as email marketing, you can upload those people into custom audiences, you can interact with them on YouTube, TikTOK, Facebook. Where ever you are on the platform that is most comfortable for you. And now you can start to engage in with those people because you segmented them.

You put them into retargeting campaign, and now you can connect with them depending on the behavior they are showing. So you should also have a content strategy in place so that you always speak to the people at the right time. It is email marketing and email strategy, messenger strategy, retargeting strategy, so that different strategies available to you, who makes it easy for you to stay in front of your database, seeing your content in email, in their feeds.

Content Creation for your Database

And you should always, then you are putting out that content have also a call to action strategy in place. You want to make sure that you know what you want out of the content. Maybe you want them to send, to book an appointment with you. Maybe you want to send them special lists when they are starting out, looking into property. So you can have different strategies in place so that you talk to your audience at the right time, where they are.


YouTube videos is also a strategy you can use. And also you want to make sure that you are using everything. What is available, especially the video. So the video, if you are doing videos, videos allows you, especially when you are using a tool, a tool like zoom, where you are.


Now, when you do a video, you can subscribe that video into a podcast and uploading the MP3 into your podcast.

When you are doing a podcast, if you are doing videos, you can upload it to YouTube. You can upload it into Facebook. You can do it into short videos for Instagram.

Other Social Media Platforms

And tic-tac depending on the platforms where you are. So video is actually your best friend when you are creating content for your database and using that content in different ways to stay in front of your database. So then you are having a database. You want to always expand your database, want to build on your database and getting new client opportunities into your database.

When somebody signs up, now you have always new people coming in and also nurture the people you are having. And even the people you transacted with, you want to build an onto that relationship. We are, we are now talking about the full clients. So you want to structure your database. You can use your database to its fullest when you are building out.

Nurture Your Database

And when you are segmenting and also using the tools available so that you are always nurturing your database, depending in the process they are, they are. If they are coming in new, if they are already looking into transaction, if they are in transaction or if they are completed a transaction with you. So you want to build content depending on the transaction, where they are.

And when you want to know more, how we can help you building your database and nurturing your database, showing you what you can do through our real estate marketing made and we are happy to have you. When we are open our real estate marketing club, we are, we are taking you by hand and guiding you and showing you how you can go from building your business, building strategy, becoming a hustler, predict, be impactful, and build your empire as a real estate professional.

Thanks for listening. Hope this helped you today to understand how important your database is and now see what you can do with your database. Thanks for listening. Thanks for your time. I see you next week. Same time, same place.

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